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Quality, Selection, and Speed

For over 50 years Penmar Industries has been a proven partner to domestic and international corporations alike. Our industry-leading Labels and Packaging Solutions have enabled our customers to reduce costs, improve branding and increase their market share. If your company places a label on a product, package, brochure, mailer or a container we can help you find the correct label. If you use tape to seal, secure, identify, and/or protect your packages, we have a solution for you. Our products and services are industry independent making it easier to find solutions that will fit your individual needs to perfection.

Spectape is our brand name and we are a major supplier of pressure sensitive tapes in the United States. Not only do we carry the standard lines of industrial tapes, but we also have the “hard to find items” such as spool wound foams, skip-slit double coated, perforated films, riveters tape and many more. Our converting plant in Erlanger, KY gives us the unique ability to produce custom items through coating, laminating, and die cutting various substrates as the application requires.

We believe good service means offering the finest quality and best selection of products with the fastest service.

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